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Forward, back, forward, back?


Tonight I aimed to put the boys to bed an hour later than their normal time. In reality it was actually about 20-25 minutes. But the intent was there. Just before Jude went down, Dylan accidentally FaceTimed my brother. He was surprised they were both still up (as I’m usually a bedtime Nazi) so I reasoned it was so they would hopefully wake up later in the morning. ‘Now that never works’ was his amused response.

I remember our first clock change after having Dylan. We’d just about started to establish a good bedtime routine and I was petrified of losing it. I Googled how to deal with Daylight Savings with children (I Googled most child-related questions back then …. wait, I still do). I can’t recall which site I picked it up from, but the advice I followed involved starting the week before (serious planning required then!). It recommended moving bedtime by 10 minutes every night so that it wouldn’t come as a huge shock to change it by an hour the night before. I followed the advice diligently. D you know what? I actually can’t even remember if it worked or not.

Fast forward to earlier this year when Jude had arrived. With two, I wanted to be as prepared as possible. I spent all week moving their bedtime 10 minutes later each day. Then on the Saturday night as I was quietly sat giving Jude his last feed an hour later than normal, it suddenly dawned on me. I had moved the bedtimes the wrong way! The clocks were going forward not back. I tried to blame sleep deprivation, but in reality I was just being ultra dim!! The following day felt super short indeed.

So tonight I just tried to keep them both awake as long as humanly possible. After a long session at soft play this afternoon, Jude had a later than normal nap and even Dylan managed to sneak in a little kip on the car journey home. So it wasn’t quite as hard as anticipated.

And tomorrow? Well if they do get up earlier, I guess it just means extra opportunities for smiles, kisses and cuddles from my beautiful Rainbows!

P.s The photo at the top is our wallpaper. I’m not obsessed with time … honest!