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Gingerbread Ninjas

Watching Bake Off I thought I would share mine and Dylan’s baking spectacular earlier this week. Plus in the spirit of my last post, it’s good if I attempt not to make you all cry at everything I write!

baking 1 Seeing as the sun failed to make an appearance on Bank Holiday Monday, I attempted to keep Dylan entertained with some activity in the kitchen. Please don’t get any illusions that we do this on a regular basis – I wish we did, but I a) don’t have the patience b) am supposedly still trying to lose my baby weight (not doing well on that front at the moment) and c) the washing up it creates is IMMENSE!

Discovering syrup!

Discovering syrup!

But I put all that aside and we baked a mountain of gingerbread. Although I love cooking, I don’t bake quite as much and it was the first time I have attempted gingerbread. I turned to my faithful source – the BBC website – which usually never fails and found a simple enough recipe. A quick walk to the shop for some missing ingredients and we were good to go.


baking 3

I was sure I had a gingerbread man cutter, but after sorting through my baking cupboard, I found a huge selection of different shapes, but no traditional ‘man’ shape. I did however find 3 different shaped ninjas! A Christmas present from a friend based on my nickname. Gingerbread Ninjas it was then. Dylan called them the jumping man and the running man!I hope you enjoy all the fab photos I took of my wee man. He was a brilliant helper. Sometimes he can get a bit bored and wanders off half way through an activity, but he stuck with this to the end. He helped with the measuring, mixing, rolling, cutting and of course the eating.

baking 4 baking 5

We have just about finished them off (with the help of daddy, some friends, grandma and grandad … and their dog!). The diet starts again next week!

The gingerbread mountain!

The gingerbread mountain!

Have you done any cooking or baking recently?

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