Who doesn’t love a freebie?!

Like a freebie? Read on!

A package came in the post for Dylan the other day. It was the arrival of our first blog freebie. Well actually it wasn’t really a blog freebie at all BUT I only got it because of my blog. If that makes sense?? When I set up my blog, I set up a Twitter account (follow me @angel2rainbows if you aren’t already!). Not really being a Tweeter in the past, I spent a bit of time getting to grips with retweeting, following (I still am, I don’t think I’ve quite got the hang of it yet!) etc. I discovered, through following another blogger, a company called Toppsta. They send out books FOR FREE to children between the ages of 0-12, on the expectation that a review will be written. The Northerner in me was, of course, delighted with anything free!

Noisy Dinosaur

The first book I saw being offered was pitched to 3 year olds. Perfect, I have one of those! About dinosaurs. Even better, he is bloody dinosaur mad!! All I had to do was favourite and retweet, which I just about managed to do. I promptly forgot all about it, until a couple of days later when I saw a congratulatory tweet telling me we had won. Whoop whoop! It was only afterwards, that I realised it would probably lead to an increase of Dylan running up and down going ‘Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’! Oh well.

Using his dinosaur to make the noises!

Using his dinosaur to make the noises!


Anyone can try and win, so if you do have children, make sure you either like Toppsta on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. There isn’t an expectation to write pages and pages of A4. Take a look at some of the reviews for an idea. It’s worth putting your hat in the ring! We all love a freebie.



For the record, here is the review I submitted:

For a child who is currently in the midst of a severe dinosaur obsessive disorder, ‘Noisy Dinosaurs’ is an excellent choice of book and we were lucky to be sent this book by the publisher after entering a giveaway on Toppsta.com. It is tough to pitch a dinosaur book at a 3 year old. Too much information and detail and they will be turned off because it is too difficult. Too basic, simple and not enough scary teeth and they will be turned off because it is too baby-ish. I am pleased to say that the team at Little Tiger Kids have pitched it perfectly. The front cover has a suitably scary looking T-Rex with tonnes of pointy teeth on show. Good start!

There are 5 dinosaurs in total, one for each page. There is a good balance of factual information for each dinosaur, 3-4 beautifully detailed illustrations and the best part, the Noise. Each touchpad is different in shape and texture, the variety being another plus point. They are perfect for small fingers to press and my son manages to produce a noise more often than not (as sometimes it can be difficult for kids to hit the right point on a touchpad). The noises are loud, scary and again varied. So 5 stars there!

All in all this is an excellent addition to our book collection. After just one day he had already remembered some of the words and repetitions. I can imagine it will keep my son entertained for a good 12-18 months before he is able to absorb more detail and information.

And just for the record, his favourite dinosaur is the Diplodocus, because it is the BIGGEST!

Definitely a success!

Definitely a success!

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  1. Great post! Off to follow Toppsta now, I love a good freebie.