A Lasting Lullaby

Last night (or should I say the early hours of this morning), Baby Rainbow aka Jude wouldn’t settle. He’s started with a cold I think and was pretty grizzly. This is not a usual occurrence as despite not yet being 6 months, he is an excellent sleeper. Sorry! I am one of those annoying mothers who has a baby that has slept through from an early age.

Anyway I ended up bringing him downstairs, trying my best to soothe him to sleep. I paced up and down (clocking up 1500 steps on my FitBit in the process!) and after all else failed, I started singing. It’s not that I never sing, I just don’t sing to him a lot. The one song that pops into my head when I do sing to calm my rainbows is a lullaby that my grandma used to sing to me. As I started, I had the most vivid recollection of her. I always do whenever I sing or hear this lullaby, as I associate the song with her. I could picture being in her spare room, dark but with the light coming through the door. I think (but this could be my mind playing tricks) that there is a pink eiderdown and grandma is sat on the top of the bed, singing to me:

Moon stars“Go to sleep my baby,  Close those pretty eyes, God is up above you, looking at the beauty of the skies.

Great big moon is shining, Stars begin to peep, It’s time that little Rachel Smith was going to sleep. “


My memory is at least 30 years old, yet it is so clear it could be from last week.

It’s not the most popular lullaby I don’t think but it is simple and beautiful. I have also since heard the phrase ‘Angels up above you” and so I now sing this as it makes me think of Ewan and my grandma, together looking down on us.

2 Rainbows, dreamyIt worked a treat, well after about 50 repetitions and Jude finally dropped off. Before heading back upstairs, I just took some time to stare at his beautiful face and count my blessings.




4 responses to “A Lasting Lullaby

  1. My Mum sings a version of this lullaby to my boys. Such a lovely post!

    I’m feeling you on the sleep thing! Rory slept through until just before six months, learnt to roll over and now I think myself lucky if he wakes up twice in the night! He just crawls around his cot, gets wedged horizontally and then cries until I go flip him over and put his dream sheep on! Think I’m used to it now… I think! x

    • Jude has learnt to roll but only from back to front and can’t roll back again! So he wakes up having a strop so I have to flip him too!!! Haven’t had the horizontal wedge yet. Considering moving him to his own room, but not if all these midnight shenanigans are going in! At least I don’t have to get out of bed at the moment to move him. It’s all good eh? xx

  2. Kathleen Smith

    Your memory isnt playing tricks, it was a pink eiderdown & candlewick bedspread. Your grandma thought the world of you, you were so precious to her after losing Helen, but she kept saying I spoilt you!xx